Young Mountain Lions or ?

We have a wildlife camera in our yard on the Riviera and captured these two critters the night of 7/21. (See the face of #2 at the lower left edge of the photo.) Not enough tail for bobcat, not enough nose for fox? Are we seeing young mountain lions? There have been multiple sightings of a full-sized cat nearby. Thanks for your help!

Leslie, Santa Barbara's Riviera - July 22, 2018

Curator Response

Hi Leslie,

Nice photo of two Gray Foxes! Along with the body size and shape, the dark stripe down the top of the tail and the dark tail tip are distinguishing characteristics. Keep up the great wildlife cam work, and please do share if you get any more interesting photos (of mystery animals or otherwise).


Paul W. Collins and Krista Fahy, Curators of Vertebrate Zoology

Leslie response:

Thank you! Pleased to have foxes rather than mountain lions. We have captured quite a menagerie over the past year. Amazing what passes through in the night.