Recently Asked

"Hi there, I want to encourage owls in my backyard. Should I put up an owl box for them? Where’s the best place for it? Thanks!"
Julie, Carpinteria - April 16, 2018
"Dear Curator, I saw a snake in my yard. It didn’t rattle, but I think it was a rattlesnake. The head looked pretty triangular. What should I do if it comes back?"
Diego, Santa Barbara - April 16, 2018
"Help! I found a little snake in my house! It was olive green with a red band around the neck and a bright red underside. Never seen one before around here. Is this some kind of exotic invader? I feel..."
Ted, Goleta - April 16, 2018
"Hello Curators, I have rats at my house. :( I don’t want to use poison because I know that can make predators sick when they eat poisoned animals. What can I do? Thanks for your help."
Nicole, Santa Barbara - April 16, 2018