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2012: Myths and Facts

-2012 - The Sun's Magnetic Field
-2012 - Planetary Conjunction
-2012 - Galactic Equator
-2012 - The Maya Calendar
-2012 - Planet X and Nibiru

  2012: Myths And Facts
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December 21, 2012 has been mentioned in popular culture a lot recently as a date when Earth will suffer a cataclysmic disaster. As many of the discussions have made links to celestial scenarios, this page exists as a hub from which you can ascertain the truth - or lack thereof! - of these claims.


Click on a claim to go to that claim's verification page.


The Sun's magnetic field will reverse in 2012 and a huge solar storm could destroy our world!

A planetary conjunction in 2012 will negatively affect Earth and its inhabitants!

The Sun will align with the galactice center or equator and/or the Sun will cross the galactice plane - this will bear disaster for Earth!

The Maya calendar predicts the end of the world in 2012!

Nibiru and/or Planet X will pass close to Earth in 2012 and cause major destruction on Earth!



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