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The Curiosity Lab is fun for all ages

Explore the wonders of the natural world through cool hands-on activities in this dynamic learning lab. Discover our region’s natural history, hone your scientific skills and make your own discoveries. You can bring your questions and specimens to our staff naturalist, get up close with specimens, and get tips on where to enjoy our local wilderness. The Curiosity Lab is fun for all ages!

Microscope shellsDiscover science


What can I do in the Curiosity Lab?

Become a natural artist: Each week we invite guests to draw a new specimen on display at our art station. You can choose to keep your work of art, or submit it* to the naturalist with your name, age and email. New artwork is selected periodically to be displayed in the Curiosity Lab's Minimus Gallery.

*Please note that artwork submitted may not be selected for display. All submitted artwork will be archived or recycled at the discretion of the staff.

Take an up-close look: The ever popular Microeye microscope is an opportunity to look at our vast collection of shells, invertebrates, plants and more. You are also welcome to look at and handle specimens on the open shelves of the Curiosity Lab cabinets. Specimens behind the glass case must be handled by a Naturalist on-duty.

Ask a question: Engage with one of our naturalists or write a question onto a green leaf at the "Tree of Wonder" station. Come back to the Curiosity Lab at a future visit and find your question with a new yellow leaf sharing an answer*.

*Please note questions may be rotated out on an as-needed basis.

Touch a pelt: The pelt wall features animal furs and pelts that you are welcome to touch. New additions include a mule deer pelt, rabbit pelt and silver fox.

Get hands-on: Participate in an activity at one of our stations.

Seed Dispersal: Pop, float, and stick "seeds" in an interactive activity that teaches about seed dispersal.

X-Ray Table: Complete a human skeleton using x-rays or match vertebrate skeleton x-rays to their pictures on our gigantic light table. Share information with the Naturalist on your animal of choice for a special suprise.

Take a camping trip: Check out our Young Explorers area. Find hidden animals, make a "meal" for your friends, read a story in the tent. The camp area seeks to inspire our youngest guests to build an interest in going out and enjoying the great outdoors.


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