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The Museum Backyard

-downloadable pdfs guides to outdoor exploration

  Kids' Guides to the Natural World

Acorn Woodpecker
by Dieter J. Schafer

Guides to the Natural World of Santa Barbara
Exploring our own backyard, neighborhood, and community


Birds of Santa Barbara:  A Guide for Kids and their Grown-ups

      Birding Expedition 1:  Andree Clark Bird Refuge

      Birding Expedition 2:  Arroyo Burro Beach

      Birding Expedition 3:  Lake Los Caneros

      Birding Expedition 4:  Ellwood Mesa

      Birding Expedition 5:  Oak Woodland, SBMNH

A Kid's Guide to Backyard Critters



Sharing the world of nature with children:  resources for teachers, environmental educators, and mentors

How to Raise Wooly Bear Caterpillars

Santa Barbara Bugs

Understanding Bird Language


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