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  Planning a Field Trip
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Successful Field Trips...The Teacher is the Key!

Top 5 Reasons to read the Field Trip Planning Guide before coming to the Museum:

  1. Students focus on observation (seeing and thinking) versus the novelty of the situation.
  2. Students don’t have to worry about important stuff like restrooms, shopping, and eating.
  3. Students who understand the purpose of their visit are more likely to stay focused.
  4. Students who have an objective are more likely to become engrossed in an exhibit and spend time in true observation.
  5. Students who get involved in the planning of the visit are more likely to behave appropriately.

Download PDF forms:

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Field Trip Planning Guide 

Museum Orientation

Pre-Visit Timeline and Checklist 

Chaperone Information Guide (English) 

Chaperone Information Guide (Spanish)

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Directions to the Museum

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