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Tuesday, June 27: AMBROSIA BEETLES

Stop by to learn about Ambrosia Beetles that "farm" fungus for their offspring with UCSB researcher Michelle Bennett. Help build, deploy and monitor shot hole borer traps around the Museum backyard. Examine trap contents as well as shot hole borer specimens under a microscope. Learn about the beetle’s various host tree species and what symptoms you can look for in your own neighborhoods! 

More information about the shot hole borer: This is a newly invasive species of ambrosia beetles, the Polyphagous and Kuroshio shot hole borers (SHB) (Euwallacea spp.), have been infesting riparian, urban and agricultural trees and woody plant species in southern California. In August of last year, the Kuroshio shot hole borer was detected right here in Santa Barbara County. These beetles vector a fungal disease, which can cause branch dieback or mortality in host tree species, many of which are our precious riparian and landscape trees. 

Tuesday, July 11: BUG ART 

Join world renowned artist, Steve Kutcher to create artistic masterpieces using bugs! Learn how Bug Art evolved and how to create insect footprints. 


Help Museum Naturalist's create an experiement to meaure various temperatures using crickets! 

Tuesday, July 25: SPIDERWEBS

Join Entomologist Jennifer Maupin to learn about silk spinning arachnids, SPIDERS! 



Check back for more programming information. 


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