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  Monograph of the Little Slit Shells
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Monograph of the Little Slit-Shells

Vol. 1: Introduction, Scissurellidae
Vol. II: Anatomidae, Larocheidae, Depressizonidae, Temnocinclidae, Sutilizonidae

by Daniel L. Geiger


Scissurellidae Monograph Volume 1 Little Slit-Shell Monograph Anatomidae Monograph Volume 2

  • The first global monograph on any micromollusk (<5 mm).
  • The first revision since Thiele, 1912.
  • All species ever described as scissurellids, Recent and fossil.
  • 17 new species described.
  • Over 1000 figures.
  • Two volume box-set.

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What the experts are saying (pre-publication) ....

"I think you are setting a new standard for taxonomic monographs!" Prof. Dr. Carole S. Hickman, University of California, Berkeley.

"... I am already very impressed! ...  I must say that the amount of information that you have managed to include is simply astonishing ... The MS is incredibly impressive ..." Prof. Dr. Emilio Garcia, University of Louisiana, Lafayette.

"I've only had a brief look, but your monograph is a tremendous accomplishment, and beautifully presented." Colin Redfern, author Bahamian Seashells.

Some impressions .... 

"The very weighty box containing your wonderful monograph of the little slit shells has arrived.  First of all, congratulations on a monumental monographic work! ... I especially appreciate the combination of rigorous scholarship and aesthetics. As always, the tangible pleasure of holding a book and turning real pages is intimately connected in the wiring of my brain with seeing, thinking, and learning. Of course I "knew" already from my computer screen how it was going to look, but now it has come to real life!" Prof. Dr. Carole S. Hickman, University of California, Berkeley.

"It is indeed a monumental work that will probably never need to be rewritten … updated perhaps periodically but never redone." Lindesy Groves, Collections manager malacology, Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History.

What a monumental and beautifully done publication! It would have taken someone else several lifetimes of hard work to execute such a magnificent job." Prof. Dr. Emilio Garcia, University of Louisiana, Lafayette. 

For a complete review of the publication click here.

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