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  Fingerprinting Requirement
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Volunteers 18 years of age and older who work with the public at the Museum and/or Sea Center are required to be Live Scan fingerprinted through the Santa Barbara Police Department before beginning volunteer service. Even if you have been fingerprinted through Live Scan in the past for other institutions, you will need to do it again, as information sharing through the Department of Justice (DOJ) is not permitted between organizations. The DOJ does the reporting internally through our Human Resources department at the Museum; details of the results are transmitted automatically, with only pass/fail notification indicated to our HR manager.

Instructions and forms for completing the fingerprinting process are available through the volunteer manager and are covered in new volunteer training sessions. 

  • What will the report cover?
    The report goes back 10 years, with the exception of sex crimes, which will be reported regardless of when they occurred. Reports include date of arrest, a brief description of the conviction and the sentence. The DOJ can release only serious convictions, so theft, for instance, would not show up unless a weapon and/or violence was involved.
  • Who will know the contents of the report?
    The Museum’s privacy policy for LiveScan requires that no one other than the Human Resources Director sees the results of the LiveScan report. The Volunteer Manager will be informed if the LiveScan report indicates a possible conflict for the applicant’s volunteer service. The report is destroyed as soon as a decision is made.
  • Isn’t giving my fingerprints at a police station an invasion of my privacy?
    If you have a California Driver’s License, your fingerprints are already in the system. This procedure is not providing the system with more information than it already has.
  • Nobody else requires this of their volunteers.
    Most organizations working with minors require that volunteers and staff have background checks before they start working with children/elders. This includes all schools, Santa Barbara Zoo, Boys & Girls Clubs, and Girl Scouts, Botanic Garden, etc.
  • I have already been fingerprinted in the past; won’t I still be in the system?
    Unfortunately, no. You will need to be fingerprinted again with Live Scan; instructions are on the other side of this page.
We appreciate your cooperation, and are always happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Thank you.

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