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  Key Contacts
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Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History
2559 Puesta del Sol
Santa Barbara, California 93105 USA

Offices & General Information: (805) 682-4711
FAX: (805) 569-3170
Museum League: (805) 682-4711 ext.181
Sea Center: (805) 962-2526



  President & CEO
      Luke Swetland
Ext. 101
  Executive Assistant
Office of the President & CEO

      Carolyn Mortholé
Ext. 102
  Chief Operating Officer
      Diane Wondolowski
Ext. 103
  Manager of Finance
      Kathy Scroggs
Ext. 104
  Human Resources Advisor
    Alice Bourland
Ext. 105
  Administration Specialist
    Debra Nordyke
Ext. 166
  Information Systems Manager
     Phillip Morones
Ext. 106
  Information Systems Technician
     Garrett Favre-Schwan      
  Information Systems Technician
     Armando M. Del Campo


Collections and Research
  Curator and Howard/Berry Chair of Malacology
     Henry W. Chaney, Ph.D.
Ext. 150
  Curator of Anthropology
      John R. Johnson, Ph.D.
Ext. 139
  Curator of Ethnography
      Jan Timbrook, Ph.D.
Ext. 140
Galleries and Other Collections
  Curator, John & Peggy Maximus Gallery
      Linda Miller
Ext. 133
  Exhibit Designer, John & Peggy Maximus Gallery
     Elizabeth Soriano
Ext. 132 
  California Condor Archives
      Jan Hamber
Ext. 180
Invertebrate Zoology
  Curator of Malacology
      Daniel L. Geiger, Ph.D.
Ext. 152
  Curator Emeritus
      F. G. (Eric) Hochberg, Ph.D.
Ext. 145
  Curator and Howard/Berry Chair of Malacology
      Henry W. Chaney, Ph.D.
Ext. 150
  Curator of Malacology
      Paul Valentich-Scott
Ext. 146
  Associate Curator of Invertebrate Zoology
      Patricia Sadeghian, M.A.
Ext. 147
Museum Library
  Museum Librarian
      Terri Sheridan
Ext. 134
Vertebrate Zoology
  Curator of Vertebrate Zoology
      Paul W. Collins, M.A.
Ext. 154
  Associate Curator of Vertebrate Zoology
      Krista Fahy, Ph.D.
Ext. 155


  Director of Development
     Caroline Grange
Ext. 109

Development Assistant
     Sarah Clement

Ext. 110 

Development Officer
     Rebecca Summers

Ext. 111 

Development Officer-Leadership Circles
     Diane Devine

Ext. 124  
  Events Manager
      Meridith Moore
Ext. 112
  Membership Manager
      Leana Orsua 
Ext. 114
  Membership Assistant
      Katie Rendon


Marketing & Design
  Marketing & PR Manager
      Easter Moorman
Ext. 117
  Marketing & PR Associate
      Lura Astor
Ext. 116
  Sr. Graphic Designer & Webmaster
     Juan Minera
Ext. 118


Education and Exhibits
  Nature Education Manager
     Justin Canty
Ext. 162
  Community Education Manager
     Ron Skinner
Ext. 170

Community Education Manager– Camps
     Tyrena Chin

Ext. 171
  Teen Programs Manager
     Kelley App  
Ext. 172
  School and Teacher Services Manager
      Kathy Harbaugh
Ext. 168
  Nature Collection
      Carrie Bluth
Ext. 122
  Volunteer Manager
 Rebecca Fagan Coulter
Ext. 107


School Programs Registrar
Page Hiller-Adams

Ext. 108
  Astronomy Programs Manager
      Javier Rivera
Ext. 173
  Astronomy Programs Assistant
      Zak Dafaallah
Ext. 173

  Astronomy Hotline Ext. 405  
  Director of Exhibits 
     Frank Hein
Ext. 129

Exhibits Technician & Designer
     Rose Briccetti

Ext. 126

  Exhibits Technician
     Gregg Pellegrini
Ext. 130


  Director of Facilities
      Gary Robinson
Ext. 125
  Facilities Manager
      David Higgins
Ext. 159
      Sal Reyes
Ext. 127  
      Francisco Lopez
Ext. 127  

Senior Groundskeeper
      Larry Bregante

Ext. 127  
      Bill Clausen
  Weekend Watchman
      Richard Rance                          


Visitor Services
  Director of Visitor Services
      Amy Carpenter
Ext. 123
  Assistant Manager, Visitor Services 
      Kim Zsembik
Ext. 121

Visitor Services  

Ext. 100


Sea Center (805-962-2526, Sea Center only)
  Sea Center Director
      Amanda Allen
Ext. 101
  Sea Center Manager 
      Richard Smalldon 
Ext. 111
  Volunteer Manager
      Sophie Busch
Ext. 104
  Programs Coordinator
      Jackie Hunt
Ext. 110
  School and Teacher Services Coordinator
      Sarah Todd                        
Ext. 108 
      Tommy Wilson
Ext. 105
  P/T Aquarist
      Tyler Haven
Ext. 105

Sea Center Interpreter
      José Lobato, Ethan Nash, 
     Rebecca Webb, Alyssa Obester

Ext. 109
  Visitors Services Coordinator Ext. 100



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